Getting My Makeup Done By Benefit – Products & Purchases ♥

I was lucky enough to receive a Liz Earle facial last week (blog post coming soon) and after my facial, a Benefit makeup artist asked if she could do my makeup for me before I left; obviously I said yes!

I thought i’d show you my makeup, and tell you about what products Paige, the lovely girl at Benefit, used and which products I decided to pick up at the stand.

I’ve since become obsessed with Benefit products, so please leave a comment letting me know what your favourite Benefit products are!


My skin was an absolute mess this day (thanks to the good old ‘time of the month’) so I asked Paige to give me a full coverage base whilst still keeping the look as natural as possible; and it is fair to say that I adore the out come!!

I thought it would be easier to list the products used and link them, adding my final opinions of the products at the end. I hope this is ok!

Products used: 


  1. Sun Beam as a glowy base

  2. POREfessional Primer

  3. Hello Flawless! foundation shade Honey

  4. Boi-ing concealer in the shade Medium on my blemishes

  5. Fake it concealer with extra foundation under my eyes

  6. Base set with Hello Flawless! powder in Honey

Bronze and Blush

  1. Hoola and Hoola Light to bronze and contour

  2. Dandelion Blush

  3. Wattsup Highlighter


  1. Gimmie Brow in the shade Deep

  2. Ready, set, BROW!


  1. Hello Flawless powder in Nutmeg all over the eyes

  2. They’re Real mascara in Black


  1. Cha Cha Balm

I loved all of these products, however I decided to pick up a few for myself; plus a couple more!

  • Hello Flawless powder in BOTH Honey & Nutmeg.

I loved how flawless my skin looked the second Paige applied that powder, I couldn’t not buy it after that! Also, the deeper shade that was used on my eyes was irresistible, I have been searching for the perfect orange-toned brown, and now that I have found it, everybody needs to get it!!

  • Cha Cha Balm

I have never seen such a beautiful sheer orange balm before, and I couldn’t believe how long it lasted.

  • Hello Flawless Foundation in Shade Honey

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’d know that i’m an avid foundation lover and I can’t resist getting my hands on, and trying a new foundation…that is my only explanation for this one. I’ve got mixed reviews about this, review coming very soon!

  • Galafornia Blush

Ever since I saw Patrick Starrr talked about this, i’ve needed it! I featured it in one of my recent ‘Products I am dying to get my hands on’ posts.

  • Stay Don’t Stray eyeshadow primer

I’ve heard good things about this, so i’ve bought it to replace my dried up Mac Painterly Paint Pot.

  • Gimmie Brow in Deep

I’m a sucker for a brow product, my Mum has used this for a while, plus my Sister is currently loving this so I thought I’d try it out myself.

Please let me know if there’s anymore Benefit products you think I should try.

Until next time,



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