I Need To Explain…

I have been writing on this blog for almost two years. Despite it not being the most popular or followed blogs around, I adore posting and sharing my thoughts with all of you that are kind enough to read my waffle.

Yesterday, I accidentally deleted every single image on my blog, leaving over 150 posts without photographs. With almost two years worth of posts, there was no way I could find all of the photos and re-upload them all. So I have made the decision to delete all the posts without images, (mainly because my OCD wouldn’t allow me to keep them without photos) but I will continue to upload posts.

I’m writing this as more of a warning to you all, NEVER delete all of your photos from your media files as it will delete them off your blog as well.

Get ready for more uploads, perhaps even more frequently.

I love this little blog and I wont be giving up on it just yet…

Thank you for your continued support.

Until next time,


13 thoughts on “I Need To Explain…

      1. If you need any help with photos, let me know. I am a hoarder and keep all the photos I take of products, so if you need any specific product images jut let me know and I may be able to help you xoxo


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