MY EXAM HELL – What Actually Happened with my University Exam.


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As most of you are aware, I went away for a while. Not only was this because of what happened to my blog, (if you’re unaware about what happened, I will link the blog post HERE where I speak more about my ordeal) but also because I was under a lot of pressure at university.

I’m studying Journalism, and myself and my course were told that we weren’t to have any exams this year, which was great! However, a couple of weeks ago we got told that we had an exam that we had to get over 60% in, in order to continue to 2nd year of university…. We got told this 11 days before we had to sit this exam.

So we were initially told that we didn’t have to sit any exams this year, so I had decided not to go to a module that we have called Shorthand, purely because I wanted to focus more on modules that I will be assessed on. If you don’t know, shorthand is pretty much another way of writing, but faster. I will link what shorthand looks like below.

Screen Shot 2017-06-03 at 17.38.27

So baring in mind, I had only been to less than five shorthand lectures this year…It’s fair to say I knew absolutely nothing and I now had 11 days to get up to 50 words per minute in shorthand in order to pass this exam i’d just found out about. (Yes, the stress levels were real guys.)

So after hundreds of emails being sent to the journalism department from myself and my course mates, we realised that they weren’t changing their minds and accepted that we had to knuckle down for the next 11 days in order to ATTEMPT to get into 2nd of university.

I pretty much locked myself in my room for those 11 days, drilling every aspect of the module into my mind, but I still couldn’t get to 30 words a minute, never mind the 50 I needed to pass!

There were tears, tantrums and a pretty nasty stress rash across my chest by the time the morning of the exam rolled around.

By the time I had got into the exam room I had already had two coffees and myself and the rest of my course were adamant we were all going to fail as we stood waiting to go in.

We were only in the room, 15 minutes in total; and it was by far the longest 15 minutes of my entire life. As I sat down, I realised that my entire future depended on this one exam and that if I didn’t pass then I wouldn’t get my degree. I was slightly stressed…..just slightly…


Fast forwarding a few days, I got my results…

I HAD GOT 100%

All of my hard-work and stressing had paid off and I didn’t get one mistake in the entire exam.

Being somebody who has never really revised or actually cared about their academics I was determined to pass this exam after 11 days of gruelling revising and no social life.

But i’d done it, even though I thought I wouldn’t.. and I will be continuing into 2nd year of university.

Some of you may find this post ridiculously boring, however it was such a big deal for me and I wouldn’t have done it without my Mum’s constant love and reassurance despite being miles away, and I certainly wouldn’t have done it without my boyfriend, Max, who forced to me revise and made me realise that I needed to actually give a shit about my future because it won’t get handed to me on a plate!

I also want to give a big fuck you, to the unorganised people running my university course for causing us all such stress and anxiety all because of your lack of communication.

Thank you all for reading as always,

Much love,

Until next time,



Disclaimer: I don’t mean any offend to anyone working within the journalism course at my university. You have taught me so much over the past year and I am extremely grateful. (Don’t kick me out if you see this post lol love you all. Titians forever!)

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7 thoughts on “MY EXAM HELL – What Actually Happened with my University Exam.

  1. Wow that is crazy! I can only imagine the stress you were under! I remember when one of my maths exams at University got posted accidentally online the day before (by the lecturer) and they had to change the whole paper. In the end it was miles harder than it was supposed to be and I didn’t do very well in that module. Luckily I had better marks for the other modules to still get a 2.1 in my degree but it was very stressful.

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    1. Oh no that’s awful! It’s so stressful, but there’s literally nothing we can do as students, just have to deal with each wave of stress! 2:1’s so good! I’ll honestly just accept a pass at this rate! X

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