May Favourites ♥

Hi Everyone!

This post is a tad late this month, but if  you’ve read my last post you’ll understand that i’ve been crazy busy with university! But despite my busy schedule this month, i’ve managed to try out some new products and find some new favourites!

Make sure to leave me comments linking your may favourites, i’d love to read what you’ve been loving!


My first favourite this month has been the Clarins Eau Ressourcante perfume that Max bought me for my birthday. I’ve had my eye on this perfume for years and year but never bit the bullet and bought it!

It is perfect scent for spring and summer, there are notes of basil, iris, cedarwood and sarsaparilla. If you have a chance to smell this then please do, you will not regret it!


My next favourite is Aloe Vera Gel. You’ve probably all read about the insane weather we’ve had in England in May; and I may have caught a bit too much sun! I slathered aloe vera all over my face every night for a couple of weeks and i’ve fallen in love with it all over again! Even though my sunburn has gone now, I’m now using this every night because it is so hydrating!

It has also made a big impact on my acne! And because it’s so cheap, you really can’t go wrong!


If you’ve been reading my blog since before the majority of my content got deleted, then you’ll know how much I love my Lush products. I religiously use It’s raining men, but I wanted to try something more fruity for the spring/summer. That’s when I picked up Plum Rain. It’s sooo fresh and smells just like a cocktail!

If you didn’t know, I suffer from Keratosis pilaris (aka chicken skin) on my arms, and Lush shower gels have helped decrease the amount of lumps and bumps! If you also suffer from KP then try using a body wash that doesn’t contain soap!

Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 15.35.26.png

Harry Styles’ Album has been constantly playing on my phone and laptop since the day it was released! At first I was sceptical about whether i’d like his solo music, as I wasn’t too keen on One Direction’s music, BUT I LOVE THIS ALBUM SO MUCH!!!!


My last favourite will be one that you’ve probably all already heard of! L’oreal’s Miss Baby Roll mascara has taken the place of my beloved Maybelline Lash sensational. It’s incredibly lengthening and doesn’t flake or smudge at all!

I played squash with my family and Max wearing this last week and it didn’t budge at all!

There are my favourites of this month! I hope you enjoyed reading what i’ve been loving,

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Until next time,


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