Mac lipstick Collection ♥

Hi Everyone!

This post is very long awaited, this is (as you can tell by the title) my Mac Lipstick Collection. I love my Mac lipsticks, even though I don’t reach for them as often as I probably should. Some of you may think I have hardly any and some of you might think, DAMN, that girls got a problem! But either way, please leave a comment letting me know your favourite Mac shades.

I’m not going to bore you with a really wordy post, so this upload will be mostly photographs!

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Hope you enjoy!




Ruby Woo – I think this is a cult product around the beauty world, we all love the bright pillow box red of Ruby Woo. I adore this colour, however when it says matte…it means matte and it tends to get quite drying.

Meltdown – This shade is gorgeous in the summer months, when you’ve got a nice tan! It’s much more comfortable than the matte formula and the slight shimmer looks amazing! I unfortunately never reach for this as it doesn’t compliment my teeth, I feel as if it make them look a bit yellow, but my Mum adores this colour and she’s pretty much taken it as her own!

Rebel – At one point, this was my all time favourite lipstick, I would try and wear it with every makeup look I created. It’s a gorgeous deep purple and compliments any skin tone! I love it most with a deep, grungey eye look.

Crem De Nude – I hate it, I got this shade as a gift and it honestly looks horrible on me! It completely washes me out and makes me look like a ghost. I have used it in the middle of my lips to create an ombre look, but I will never be using this alone.



Girl About Town – MY FAVOURITE PINK LIPSTICK. You can wear this as a strong bright pink straight from the bullet or a softer pink by dabbing it onto the lips. It is honestly my favourite pink lipstick ever, with one of the most comfortable forumlas! Couldn’t live without it. I will leave a photo of me wearing this shade below!

MAC RED – I loved this shade when I first got it, however now it feels slightly too pink toned and washes me out a bit unless i’ve put a hell of a lot of bronzer on! It’s a matte, however it isn’t as drying as say, Ruby woo. If you’re looking for a pink toned red, this is for you.

Viva Glam Rihanna – This is a lovely wearing red, has a slight sheen and sits lovely on the lips. For some reason this lipstick feels a bit slippy, so I HAVE to wear it with a liner other wise i’m paranoid all day!

Cockney – A gorgeous sheer red with a hell of a lot of sparkle running through the bullet but looks lovely when applied to the lips! Again it feels slightly slippy but I still love this.



Ramblin’ Rose – A lovely nude if you like a lot of glitter! Again, it’s not for me but my Mum adores it!

Hot Tahiti – A gorgeous plummy rose! I loved this shade when I bought it in NYC, however now it feels slightly too mauve toned for my taste!

Lady Bug – MY ONE TRUE RED LIP LOVE. If you’re looking for a sheer pillow box red, then look no further! I could rant on and on about this shade all day! It wears gorgeously, suits everybody and I couldn’t be without it!

Whirl – My inner 90’s kid made me buy this! I adore Whirl, but I don’t feel as if they’re many looks this shade compliments. When you find the look that pairs with this lip colour you’ll love it though!


There it is, all 12 of my Mac shades.

I hope you enjoyed having a peak into my lipstick collection.

If they’re any shades you can’t be without please let me know in the comments, I’m always looking to grow my Mac collection!

Thank you as always!

Until next time,




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