July Favourites.



Hi Everyone!

I feel as if I should write something here about how fast this year is going blah blah blah, but I think we can all agree that July, just like every month this year, has flown by!

I have accumulated a few new favourites this month that deserved a mention, I’d love to read your favourites! Link them below!


-RCMA No Colour Powder

There has been a massive hype around this powder for a while now, and me and my Mum were on a search for the perfect setting powder for her wedding in August and the idea of paying an arm and a leg for the Laura Mercier Translucent powder wasn’t tickling our fancy! So we decided that the RCMA No Colour Powder was a good choice, at only £13 for 3oz of product!!!

It sets my foundation amazingly and keeps me completely oil free all day! I couldn’t rant and rave about this anymore!

-Garnier BB Cream for Oily Skin

In my last favourites I mention about how much I am over wearing foundation, it’s heavy and gets all over my nice white clothes. But this month I had a nightmare with the pigmentation of my skin so I needed something to cover that whilst still looking fresh! This was it…It’s lightweight and has really good coverage for a BB Cream.

-A Bold Orange Lip

Summer is well and truly here! And that means I don’t really like wearing my wintery red shades as much, so I’ve been leaning more towards oranges and I’m loving it! Two of my favourites in particular is Clarins’ Rouge Eclat 09 and Benefit’s Flame Game.

-Italian Pizza


Me and Max went to Italy this month and we fell in love with their Pizza’s. If you go to Italy, get a pizza, I couldn’t urge you enough to try one because they’re the best in the world!!!

-My New Hair


I recently got my hair lightened and it turned out exactly how I wanted it! I feels in such amazing condition! Big shout out to my Mumma for doing it for me, I absolutely love it!!

-Photo of the Month

This is a new thing I’m going to start doing in my monthly favourites! I’ll be adding in my favourite photo I’ve taken from the month. I feel like this helps me remember all of the things i’ve done and places i’ve been over the past 30 or so days!


My favourite photo from Cinque Terre, Italy.

Link your monthly favourites below, I’d love to know what you’ve been liking this month!

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Until next time,


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